Get Products NOW, Pay later: 10 Questions To Ask About B2B E-credit Card has jointly launched its E-credit Card with two government agencies – the capital support of Bank of China and the strong capability in claim settlement of Sinosure.

The ability to buy on credit (i.e. making open account transactions) has become an important requirement for overseas buyers to make purchases in China. Questions

#01 What kind of card is the E-credit Card? and When will issue it to me?

The’s E-credit Card is not a physical card. It is a financing concept to facilitate sales using credit. After they receive your application, it will take 7 to 30 days to issue "the card"

#02 Can any product be purchased with this credit card?

No, there are some products, such as animals or plant products, medical products and cultural products that we cannot provide the Open Account (OA) service for.

#03 Can I use this E-credit Card to purchase from all suppliers on

Review the chart of unacceptable categories

#04 What happens if goods received do not correspond to what was ordered or they are damaged on arrival?

Maintain a good communication channel with your supplier during the production cycle and inspect the goods before shipping.

Once you discover issues with quality, please request your supplier modify or re-produce the goods.

Once you have confirmed the shipment in writing, you will be unable to refuse payment due to quality problems.

Please note: does not participate in the actual trade, and will therefore have no responsibility for such risks.

#05 How do we manage the Open Account order with, the Chinese supplier and the buyers who get the credit line from

All three parties, including, will need to sign a contract which defines all individual responsibilities and obligations. Before implementation, we will have professional representatives monitor and audit all the documents.

#06 How do you assess and approve suppliers? will review the production capacity and the business background of the suppliers. Then provide business licenses, tax registration certificates, previous invoices and other supporting documents.

#07 Is there an application fee?

For applications for credit limits less than US $30,000, there is no application fee. 
For applications for limits greater than US $30,000, the application fee is US $99.

#08 Is there a fee for using the card?

There is an activation fee for E-credit Cards with a credit limit of US $30,000. Within 4 months of approval, then transfer the US $19 activation fee to the designated account. Your card will be automatically cancelled if your payment is not received within 4 months.

#09 What is the maximum credit limit?

The maximum credit limit is US $2,000,000. 

#10 What are the ccontact information?

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